What is the future of post-pandemic e-commerce?

13th January 2022

It’s a tricky thing, the future. With all the data we have to draw upon, it might seem like we can make solid predictions for the world of tomorrow, but the last twenty-four months make it clear that there’s no possible way to account for every curveball.

We don’t have a magic ball to predict the future, and even armed with expert analysis, we still have to expect the unexpected and prepare ourselves to face ongoing changes in creative and dynamic ways.

The rapid rise of e-commerce within the global marketplace is nothing short of monumental. In an age of uncertainty, customers around the world are looking online to meet their needs. The surge in demand for e-commence can create endless opportunities for businesses, but it’s not come without its own problems. At the height of their new dominance in the consumer market, many e-commerce businesses, while welcoming millions of new customers into the market, are often struggling to implement new strategies, battling with supply chain disruption, stock shortages and shipping delays. And those are just some of the physical problems to contend with. High web traffic and an increase in customer engagement might be the stuff of dreams for an e-commerce business owner, but without a robust website and customer management strategy, that dream can quickly become a nightmare.

That said, thinkTRIBE do have some tips on how you can go about future-proofing your e-commerce business:

Think globally!

As our demand for online trade increases, international borders are evolving. The ever expanding global e-commerce market is steadily becoming one of the few resilient platforms to weather the storm. Having already broken the $1 trillion barrier, and with new cross-border payment platforms making it far simpler to make purchases, international sales are playing a bigger part of e-commerce trade than ever before. Make sure your website is prepared to handle the global demand with thinkTRIBE’s Website Performance Monitoring.

Embrace the rise of social commerce!

The customer is key, and their experiences when shopping with you can make or break your business. Social media is impacting the market in ways that you can’t afford to ignore, with 68% of consumers saying they seek out reviews before making a purchase. Ensure your customers have the best possible experience they can with thinkTRIBE’s Customer Experience Optimisation.