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Why monitor your site with real browsers?

19th January 2020

For most brands, customer experience has become one of the most important differentiators in a fiercely competitive online environment. Simply put, businesses that can provide a seamless experience on every platform and device are more likely to earn brand loyalty and enjoy the best bottom-line benefits.

It’s often left to tech teams to ensure that web performance matches up to sky-high customer expectations, supporting optimal engagement and boosting conversion rates, while delivering the expected third-party bells and whistles – such as personalisation – that facilitate the experiential refinements that are beloved by online shoppers the world over.

Performance monitoring is essential – ideally using a system that flags problems before they start impacting the customer experience, and one that for the sake of verisimilitude gets as close as possible to the real user journey.

Synthetic monitoring that’s fit for purpose

The secret to unlocking precisely how your site is working for users is to have a horde of virtual feet on the ground that encounter precisely the same conditions as your customers as they journey around your site, exploring features, browsing products, adding items to their basket and checking out (or not!).

thinkTRIBE’s fully managed synthetic monitoring service takes a holistic approach to performance monitoring, plotting realistic journeys through your website and making intelligent choices that closely map the actions of genuine visitors. It’s the fastest and most effective way of identifying and resolving critical performance issues before they start losing you sales.

Real Browser monitoring is the perfect fit for technical, eCommerce and marketing teams who need to check network connects or execute JavaScript, Ajax and CSS and want an accurate view of the actual end-user experience.
It’s designed to return the most accurate data and is closer to the real UX than traditional or emulated web monitoring – ideal if you’re implementing Ajax and JavaScript add-ons and need to know how changes might impact users in terms of final rendering and script execution time in-browser.

Explore accurate, actionable data

Real Browser monitoring offers a unique insight into the customer experience, regardless of whether their access point is via a mobile, laptop or desktop device. Because real browsers (including iPhone and Android for mobile) are deployed throughout the monitoring process, you’ll be able to home in on any and all issues impacting the customer experience.

Real browser monitoring achieves much more than a simple HTTP web check, using accurate tests that assess how the asynchronous communication of JavaScript, Flash, Ajax and CSS is handled – including browser execution time.
Monitoring in this way can quickly expose errors that might otherwise be missed, freeing tech teams to focus on the issues that are preventing customers from progressing smoothly through the website and so potentially undermining conversion targets.

Gaining precious customer-driven insights

Real Browser monitoring also incorporates thinkTRIBE’s award-winning Video Replayer function, empowering tech teams to view a frame-by-frame replay of the moments leading up to a failure. This feature makes short work of troubleshooting, offering an invaluable insight into the genesis of any given problem and enabling the effective prioritisation of resources.

Our monitor portal contains reports that detail the exact download sequence, highlighting those components that are prompting errors, providing the data you need to optimise performance and ensure your site is delivering the best possible end-user experience, twenty-four hours a day.

Real data delivers real results

The closer you get to your customer experience, the more likely you are to deliver the performance that users demand. Real Browser offers a unique opportunity to see yourself as customers do – and to give your business the commercial edge.