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Web Performance and Load Testing, measuring real user experience every step of the way

Established in 2003, thinkTribe (Scivisum Ltd) has grown to become a significant player in the UK Web Performance Monitoring and Testing market.

Our portfolio of “dynamic user journey” based testing services enable business-wide understanding of the impact of online performance on the bottom line.
Bridging the gap between business and technology teams by providing a common language, in-depth analysis, intuitive reporting and comprehensive client support.

Our Approach

Being a fully independent performance testing and monitoring service, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best support and service possible. Through regular, dedicated communication allowing you to free up your teams – business and tech teams can focus their energies on fine-tuning performance to improve the online experience and increase conversions.

  • Working with you to configure bespoke journeys that meet your business needs
  • Initial configuration and settings and advice, design and development of new User Journey scripts
  • Unparalleled insight into your customers’ digital experience by behaving exactly as end users would
  • Gain an objective view of your web performance that’s completely impartial – something that’s more difficult to obtain in-house
  • Proactive, highly-responsive assistance with problem diagnosis
  • Regular face-to-face account management meetings.

An extension of your technical team

At thinkTribe we understand the way your customers interact with your web infrastructure is not by accessing a single page, a single server or an isolated function, but by fluidly traveling through the site from page to page. Today’s dynamic performance testing needs to measure the user’s experience of your unique ‘pick-n-mix’ application of code and functions as they travel across your site to complete their web journey.

Our fully managed service means you can tap into a wealth of specialist knowledge without having to invest in extensive in-house resources and enjoy the level of testing that is simply not available with self-service solutions

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One of the highest client support staff to client ratios in the industry

We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best support and service possible, through regular, dedicated communication and in depth understanding of our clients requirements. thinkTribe offers fully independent performance testing and monitoring services and web performance optimisation consultancy.

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Meet your performance needs both now and into the future

When monitoring or testing website performance it is important that the software behaves like a user, not a program. Instead of simply checking the availability of single pages it needs to take the same actions, in the same way, as real users, experiencing your unique combination of code and applications throughout the customer journey.

Together for better digital journeys

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Consultancy was a key factor in us selecting to work with thinkTribe. Thanks to their experience, they had an in-depth understanding of our tech stack and how our supplier ecosystem operated, as well as how each tech partner integrated into our systems and each other’s.

This meant they could coordinate and brief each supplier on the exact requirements needed for all parties to comply, at the right times, with the testing procedures. Allowing the pre-test and test itself to run smoothly, allowing us to extract the most value and insight needed to enhance site performance.

CIO at The Gym Group The Gym Group

“The web is a significant income for our business and thinkTribe gives us peace of mind. They remove the manual process and leave us free to focus on other activities. thinkTribe upgrades the system regularly but there is little need to chase for anything – it’s an engine that works well and does an excellent job. thinkTribe is exceptionally pro-active, quick to respond to queries and issues; and the alerting is spot on and quick. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

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“Within a week of using thinkTribe, we had identified that a new ‘share it’ button on certain pages that were a part of new marketing activity was adding an extra 3 seconds to load the page. Once discovered marketing and development worked together to find a better way to implement the function and get the results the business needed, and we regained those 3 seconds for the user.”

“One of the most valuable elements for our teams in Finance and in Service Delivery is the ability to see lost sales. This means we can see the commercial cost of any outage. thinkTribe is our measure for ensuring that the shop is open 24 hours a day.”

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